All of our instructors are fully qualified, both through BSAC for scuba and snorkelling and within the scouting movement. All members are fully DBS checked. Details of our instructor’s current qualifications are set out below. This list periodically changes as our members are constantly adding new skills and qualifications for Scuba and within the Scouting movement.




BSAC National Instructor and Instructor Trainer for both Scuba and Snorkelling, UK Technical Advisor for Snorkelling for Scouts and an Instructor for many Skill Development Courses including Diver Coxswain – Boat handling, Advanced Life Saver – Scuba, Practical Rescue Management Instructor, Marine VHF Radio license holder

PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Instructor Development Staff Instructor, Emergency First Responder Instructor, Oxygen Provider Instructor, Mix gas blender Instructor

Specialty Instructor for:

Wreck, Multilevel, Search & Recovery, Enriched Air, Digital photography, Dry Suit, Marine identification



Instructor Trainer SCUBA, Advanced Instructor – SCUBA and Snorkelling, BSAC East midlands regional team, First Class Diver, Diver Coxswain – Boat handling, Advanced Life Saver – Scuba

Practical Rescue Management Instructor, Marine VHF Radio licence holder, Maine Life Identification Award, Advanced Nitrox Instructor, Gas Blending Instructor, Ice Diving Instructor, Day Skipper (shore based course), Accelerated Decompression Instructor, Twin set instructor, Wreck diving instructor, Boat handling instructor




Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor, Snorkel Instructor, BSAC Life Saver Award, Diver Coxswain, Boat Handling Instructor



Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor, Snorkel Instructor



Dive Leader, Assistant Scuba Instructor, Snorkel Instructor, Diver Coxswain



Sports Diver, Snorkel Instructor



Sports Diver, Snorkel Instructor



Diver Coxswain